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Fines & Fee's



  1. Lost cards are subject to a $1.00 replacement fee.

  2. Library privileges for the family may be suspended if anyone has overdue items or outstanding fines.

  3. Books, Magazines, Audio books – 10¢ per day DVD's-  $1.00 per day



Internet Policy



  1. No message boards or chat rooms are permitted

  2. Computer use is on a first-first serve basis. Library staff on duty has the right to extend or reduce time if deemed necessary.

  3. All sites must be acceptable for viewing by all ages. The determination of inappropriate use will be made by library staff on duty at that time and is subject to review by the library director.

  4. Users may use the internet for the receipt and transmission of e-mail as long as they use a free e-mail service to establish and maintain an account for them. The library is unable to manage e-mail accounts for any organizations or individuals.

  5. To insure the privacy of others using the computers – only one person per computer will be allowed

  6. No attempting to upload, download, install, set up, run or execute any programs or software not authorized by the library.

  7. Users will respect and uphold copyright laws and all other applicable laws and regulations; they will not use it for illegal purposes.

  8. Users shall not create and/or distribute computer viruses over the Internet

  9. Users shall not deliberately or willfully cause damage to computer equipment, programs or parameters

  10. The library has the right to remove or deny the use of computers due to: Outstanding fines, overdue materials, or previous problems in the library

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